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Studying abroad can be challenging, but as a student-centric agency, we believe the best way to provide you with the best possible services and support is by partnering with the best in the market. Thanks to a dedicated customer experience team, we found our students’ community’s biggest challenges and demands, and we decided to find solutions for each of those demands. That’s how we make sure the international studying experience runs smoothly for our students.

Helping students studying abroad to find the best accommodation according to their needs and requirements is their goal. Thanks to this partnership, you will have access to direct discounts, more than 10.000 accommodations spread across the globe and an easier way to track your application to study in specific accommodations.

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Helping students to surpass the Visa process is our biggest ambition. This partnership with the most well-known agency on Visa processes allows us to share confidence with our customers and assure them the VISA process will go smoothly.