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Cookie Policy 

This cookie policy aims to explain when and why cookies are used by OK Student on the website, applications and related services, including emails, newsletters and some  authorised partner websites that do not belong to us or that we do not operate, but with whom we have agreements (jointly, the ‘Service’). 

What are Cookies? 

Cookies are small files downloaded to your device (computer, internet, tablet, etc.)  through your browser to access and use the Service. The text of a cookie is composed  of a sequence of numbers and letters that make it possible to identify your computer  in a unique way, but that may also contain other information. The browser or device  stores these cookies so that whenever the user returns to the website, they may be  recognised and important information about them may be remembered. Cookies are  not used to collect any personal data. 

Session cookies are temporary and remain in your browser or device until you leave  the website. They are erased from your device when you leave the Service. 

Persistent cookies are stored in your browser or device for a longer period of time – until they are erased or reach their expiry date, depending on the cookie. Persistent  cookies may, for example, be used to remember the user’s preferences or to recognise  them when they return to the Service, making the user experience more pleasant. The  use of a persistent cookie may be connected to your personal information when you  interact with the Service, as well as when you choose to save your username, it  becoming unnecessary to enter it whenever you access your account. Therefore, a  persistent cookie will be stored in your computer, which is connected to your account  information. If you reject the persistent cookie, you may still use the Service, but may  be limited in some areas. 

For more information on cookies, please visit:

How can I change my cookie preferences? 

You can always change your cookie preferences or erase all cookies, as explained  below. The configuration of the browser also allows the user to accept and reject the  cookies or limit certain cookies. Most browsers also provide a feature that makes it  possible to review and erase cookies. 

In the following link, there is a detailed guide for your reference and information about  cookie management in the most used browsers:  


If you use the Service without changing the configuration of your browser, we assume  that you accept to receive all cookies used to make the Service available. We stress  that, if cookies are deactivated, some of the features of the Service will not function as  intended. 

Flash cookies (also known as local shared objects) cannot be changed through your  browser’s configuration. Adobe’s website provides comprehensive information on  how to erase or deactivate flash cookies – visit Adobe’s website for more information.  If you deactivate or reject Flash cookies for the Service, you may not have access to  certain features, such as content or video services that need access to your account. 

In your mobile operating system, you may choose not to have your information  collected or used for advertising based on interest registered in mobile devices. You should refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your mobile device,  but this feature is usually available under the “Settings” option. You can also interrupt  our collection of information by deactivating the collection of data for interest-based  advertising in our applications or by uninstalling our applications. 

Useful links according to your internet browser: 

Microsoft Edge Microsoft Internet Explorer internet-explorer

Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome

Apple Safari


How does OK Student use cookies? 

The information collected by cookies includes: information regarding the use of the  Service, the IP address of the device and type of browser, how the user reaches one of  the Services, the name and email if they are logged in, etc. 

Which cookies do we use? 

Below there is a list of the cookie categories which we use, as well as the  reasons for which we use each cookie. 

Own cookies: These are our own cookies, established by OK Student, controlled by  us and used to provide information about the use of the Service. 

Essential cookies or strictly necessary cookies: they are essential for the Service to  function, so that the user can browse the Service and use its features. Without these  cookies, some features will not work. These cookies do not collect information about  your browsing habits. 

Functional cookies: These cookies call upon your preferences by using the Service  and allow us to improve its operation. They make it possible to call upon your  configurations and help provide you with advertising. Functional cookies are  persistent cookies that the Service resorts to when your computer or device uses the  Service again. 

Analytical cookies: analytical cookies allow us to improve the Service by collecting  information about how you use it. We use these cookies to help improve the  website’s operation. For example, analytical cookies show us statistics, allow us to 

understand which of the Service’s pages are more frequently visited, difficulties that  the user might have with the Service and show us whether our advertising is  effective. We cannot personally identify users through the use of these cookies, but  third parties that provide these cookies might be able to do it. 

Third party cookies: Some of the cookies used in the services are operated by third  parties, such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Universities. Some of these third  parties may use cookies in the Service, in our emails or advertisements that are on  other websites to allow them to disseminate the services they are providing. Some of  the cookies operated by third parties may be used for analytical purposes, such as  monitoring, analysing, and preventing fraudulent traffic or other suspicious activities.  In order to improve your user experience, some of the ads and third party advertising  which are listed on the website are prepared in a way to automatically pass on user  information to third party websites (destination websites) at the moment in which the  user selects the advertisement of third party websites. OK Student does not control  third party websites, nor the use of cookies made by them. Therefore, OK Student  cannot manage or prevent the use of these cookies. This policy is only applied to the  use of cookies by OK Student, and it does not apply to the use of cookies by any third  party websites. Some of these cookies used by third parties are not session cookies,  and they have variable expiry dates. We recommend you to consult to the cookie  policy of these third party websites. 

Flash cookies: we may, in certain situations, use Adobe Flash Player to convey special  content, such as videos or animations. Flash cookies are stored in your device but are  managed through an interface other than the one provided by your internet browser.  This means that it is not possible to manage flash cookies through your browser, as  

you do to manage cookies. 

You can access the flash management tools directly from Adobe’s website. Visit Adobe’s website. 

Information of geographical location: some devices allow your application to access  location information in real-time (for example, GPS). We can use this information to  optimise your experience. Additionally, some information that we collect from a  device, for example, the IP address, may be used to estimate the device’s location. 

Acceptance of these Terms

By using this website, the user consents to the use of cookies, as established in this  Cookie Policy. 

Can this Policy be changed? 

This Cookie Policy may be changed at any moment. Please check the date on top of  this page to know when this Cookie Policy was last updated. Any changes in this  Cookie Policy will be effective when we make the revised Policy available on the  website. We hope that this policy will help you to better understand our use of cookies. If  you have questions, please contact us via our email [] and do  not forget to include the term “Cookie Policy” in the email’s subject line.