OK Community

We are a collective of creatives, entrepreneurs, advisors and educators. And we all share one common goal – to help other students achieve their dreams of studying in the UK .


At OK Student, we believe students supporting students is the best way to ensure real, authentic advice that you can trust as an applicant. We want to invest back into the students’ community that we love, so we’ve created three different ways for students to get involved, practice valuable skills, grow as individuals and share our fulfilment by directly helping, supporting and guiding our applicants in their journey to success.

Here’s how you can get involved…

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Student Officer +

Being a student officer is to support our future students get the answers they need when they need them.

Are you the right fit?

Are you:

  • Energetic?
  • Proactive?
  • A team-player?

Or maybe:

  • A course Rep?
  • A Student ambassador?
  • A good friend?

What is your role?

Be an active helper in student forums, Facebook Group and other social media platforms;

Writing about your experience and inspire others with your journey studying in the UK;

Networking with communities across the UK in order to help our first-year students;


Want to pursue a career in the creative industry? We believe that all art has value and we are building a team of creatives that can get paid experience for their art and content.

Can you make it to the team?

Are you an aspiring:

  • Photographer?
  • Filmmaker?
  • Creative Writer?
  • Journalist?
  • Illustrator?

Or have you got experience in any other creative setting that you see having value for our Community?

And you’re looking to start your freelance career. 

What is your role?

To create content that you feel proud of making that leverages our brand and your own Personal brand as a creative.

Social Ambassador +

We want to boost you to be the Influencer you are on your way to be! All platforms are welcomed and counted for!

How do you qualify?

Do you have (on any major social media platform):

  • 1-10K Followers;
  • Audience Demographics: from 17yrs old and older;

And you:

Are looking to leverage your personal brand on an international context?

Are looking to be a part of a team focused and driven to personal growth and brand development?

In search to share a life-changing opportunity to a global audience.

What is your role?

To create content documenting the brand and community’s journey and mission;

To be an active member in the brand’s social channels.


Are you seeking a placement year opportunity as part of your course? Are you willing to work hard and hussle for the experience? We employ full-time placement students from our university partners as an essential part of the team. Register your interest for your coming placement year.

  • Trainee Advisors: Learn how to be an educational consultant 
  • Marketing and Design: Bring your skills to drive our marketing strategy  
  • Operations: From finance to community management 
  • We are proud of our company culture and work balance benefits

We are an entrepreneurial community, this includes a culture of trust, teamwork and continuous improvement and with such an ambitious team we encourage students to innovate and expand the business. In order to achieve said goals, we offer a set of benefits to our community members:

  • You’ll be a part of a referral scheme, where you can get a commission for every successful applicant that applies using your referral code.
  • A freelancer reward system that accounts for your dedication and skill in each piece of content that you make for us.
  • Continuous guidance and advisory on career development with goals on a short, medium and long-term basis.
  • Personal-development centric coaching workshops;

Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to explore and learn about all departments of the company. By being a part of our community team, you can really have an impact on an applicant’s journey, with our support you can also develop your craft to the next level and finally you’ll be able to build up your CV with experience, valuable and transferable skills.


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