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Why study in Ireland?

Ireland is an ideal destination if you want to access world-class university education, improve your English and live a unique international experience that will change your life. Studying in Ireland is a bet on a promising future!

Although it is a small country, Ireland’s universities are highly regarded for their relationship to innovation, research and technology. In fact, Ireland has become one of the most important technology hubs in Europe in recent years. It is not surprising that the most important technology companies globally, such as Google, Facebook, HP or Apple, have chosen the country of green clover and Saint Patrick to install their operations centers for Europe. Looking to study abroad? Ireland has all the answers you need (and so do we!).

Academic Development

The universities of Ireland have very high standards of quality. For this reason, the Irish educational system is among the best and prestigious in the world. A total of 34 higher education institutions offer a wide range of more than 5,000 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. A perfect international student community to learn and grow.

4 Reasons to study at Irish Universities

  • Top universities of world prestige
  • Environment marked by innovation and technology
  • Education with high quality controls
  • Reduced fees for EU students

Personal Development

Studying in Ireland will allow you to have an amazing experience that will combine high-level education and the opportunity to travel around Europe at a cheaper price but will allow you to grow personally by leaving your home country and having a connection with over 100 different nationalities while studying. You will grow personally every single day, and that is one of the biggest reasons why Ireland is one of the best countries in the world to study in.

Professional Development

Studying at a university in Ireland is a fascinating experience that combines high-level education, practical training, connection with important world-class companies. It will allow you to work while you study. Thanks to the opportunity to study in Ireland, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest with an international curriculum, a great level of English and professional experience. Working while you study is a very common thing within the British culture. You will be able to work in coffee shops, grocery stores and so many areas. You will gain great soft skills and market knowledge that is so important to thrive in the job market.

  • European students do not need a visa
  • Living costs are lower than in other European countries
  • It offers endless leisure and entertainment options to be in contact with nature
  • It is considered one of the friendliest countries with international students
  • It is a very safe place with a high quality of life
  • Being the destination of thousands of international students gives it a multicultural and open character
  • Although Ireland has its own language, English is spoken throughout the country. Classes are 100% in English
  • It is the headquarters in Europe of more than 1.000 multinationals, which opens up opportunities to find a job

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Why study in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands, previously more commonly known as Holland, is the perfect option to study abroad. The main advantage of universities in the Netherlands is that you can study degrees and master’s in English, even if it is not the official language. 95% of the Dutch population communicates in English as a second language.

The most densely populated country in Europe is characterized by its canals, tulips, and one of the most sustainable capitals with more than 15,000 km of bicycle lanes. If you decide to study in the Netherlands, you will discover the cultural wealth that stands out in important museums such as the Rijksmuseum, which has its own collections of Dutch art, the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House..

Academic Development

The universities of the Netherlands enjoy a high academic level and an international reputation for their tradition and, at the same time, innovation. They are also acknowledged for their international student community. According to the Times Higher Education World University, the Netherlands has 11 universities among the 200 best in the world.

The country occupies the 4th position with the highest number of institutions in the Top 100.

Universities in the Netherlands have more than 2,000 programs taught in English, making it the country with the largest offer of degrees in English in Europe. Every year international students from 190 different countries enter the dutch educational system.

Personal Development

In the Netherlands, you will find a country full of history and very welcoming. While there, you will be able to cross across entire Europe, the flights are much cheaper, and you have easy connections between various European capitals, such as Brussels, Paris, London or Berlin. Even though the main language is Dutch, you will be able to practice and improve your English since it is like a second language and 95% of the population speaks it. You will gain a multicultural experience having close contact with over 190 nationalities. It is one of the best options to proceed with your studies in Europe.

Professional Development

The Netherlands is the 18th economic power in the world. Multinational companies such as Philips, Heineken, KLM, ING or Unilever are Dutch. In addition, you should know that the country is a world leader in sectors such as renewable energy, logistics, agriculture or design. Being in contact with some of the great companies in their industries will allow you to gain knowledge and practical experience that would simply be impossible in other ways.

  • Universities in the top of world rankings
  • A multicultural environment that enriches the experience
  • Practical training focused on permanent innovation
  • Financing and aid for EU students

  • European students do not need a visa
  • It is one of the safest countries with the highest quality of life in the EU
  • Teaching focused on analysis, problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Although the official language is Dutch, you will be able to perfect your English: 95% of the population speaks it
  • Easy connection to various European capitals, such as Brussels, Paris, London or Berlin
  • Dutch society is inclusive and open
  • The presence of students from more than 190 countries offers a uniquely multicultural environment
  • The university fees for EU students are really low and with the possibility of financing them

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Why study in Germany?

Germany, usually known for the sausage and Oktoberfest, is much more than that. Germany is the 4th most popular destination among international students in the world, right after the US, the UK and China. Proof of that is that almost 15% percent of students at German universities in 2018 came from all over the world – like you will. But why all this fuss around Germany, one of the most trendy countries regarding international students?

Academic Development

German universities are widely regarded as one of the best and cheapest universities to study in the world. With an excellent teaching quality and a very practical method, you will be in touch directly with the market from the very beginning. The diversity of courses and areas of study will allow you to study what you always wanted and specialise in a specific course.

Personal Development

Joining Germany definitely means personal growth. Studying in Germany will allow you to join one of the biggest international student communities. You can visit Europe at a lower price thanks to the central location of Germany.

Thanks to its diversity, you can visit museums, go to theatres, go to beaches, visit lakes and sit in a beer garden, almost on the same day! From employment prediction to personal development, you will have a lifetime opportunity to learn German, one of the most demanded languages across all companies globally.

It is also one of the safest countries to live in, which is the cherry on top of the cake.

Professional Development

Many universities collaborate with companies. Many study programmes combine theory and practice, which will greatly facilitate your career start. You can work up to 20 hours per week or 120 full days a year, which means you will have professional experience prior to entering the job market and gain some cash (60% of international students work part-time while studying). A degree from a German university is a highly respected and valued qualification all over the world. As proof, German graduates have high employability in the global job market and are one of the highest-paid employees.

  • Free costs or cheaper fees compared with other countries (€150-€250/ semester).
  • Affordable cost of living – an international student only needs approximately €861 per month to live 
  • Excellent higher education system. Germany is at the forefront of innovation, science, and research. 
  • You can stay up to 18 months after graduation (through an extended residence permit) to find employment. 
  • Numerous scholarship opportunities

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