Why study in Australia?

Known as one of the most exotic countries globally, with amazing beaches, great life quality and fantastic weather, it is also the place where some of the best universities in the world are held. Are you curious? Let’s find out why studying in Australia is so trendy in

Academic Development

The quality of the teaching is more and more one of the main reasons students decide to study in Australia. With 43 universities spread across the country, 6 of them are within the top 100 universities in the world, you will have access to 43 great universities and the chance to do a double bachelor degree while studying, which is so common amongst International students, so you finish not with one, but with 2 degrees!

Personal Development

Meeting and engaging with 70 other nationalities, learning about different cultures, improving your English and visiting some of the most exotic places in the world are some of the things that you will be able to do while studying in Australia. You can work up to 20 hours per week and work full-time on the semester break so you can experience and pay for your lifestyle, something very common amongst international students. Studying in Australia definitely will mean becoming a better person.

Professional Development

Working while you study Is one of the best ways to make you word-ready once you finish your degree, and Australia is the right place for that. With a degree or a double degree from an Australian university, you will have the doors open to every company in the world thanks to your international experience and renowned quality of Australian universities. Studying in Australia will increase your chances of landing your dream job, for sure!

  • 90% satisfaction for living and study experience  (2018 Department of Education International Student Survey)
  • 7 of the best student cities in the world are in Australia.
  • 2.5 million international students have graduated in the last 50 years
  • 15 Nobel laureates came out of Australian universities
  • 6 of the world’s top 100 universities.
  • 3 out 10 cleanest air cities in the world

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