Top 5 summer jobs you can apply to in the UK

Franka Zlatic | 10 Jun

Summer jobs are the most sought-after opportunity in the UK at the moment. At this point, many of you are sitting in your dorms enjoying the sunny summer holidays. But a huge percentage of you are looking for jobs at the moment. Getting a summer job is beneficial and will help you gain more experience. You will learn organizational skills, teamwork and the ability to think on your feet. To help you out in this endeavor we have listed below the top 5 summer jobs you will want to work in. 


1. Summer Camp Jobs

Kids playing at a football camp

Activity leaders, sports coaches, teachers, mentors, kitchen staff, and office staff – these are the kind of roles that summer camp jobs offer. You can choose the kind of summer camp that you are interested in for example, sports camps, adventure camps, special needs camps, educational summer schools, and many more. Most of these places provide food and accommodation and sometimes even a salary! So, get yourself prepared to build an amazing CV. 

To apply for the summer camp job that you like, click here.


2. Theme Park Jobs

Theme Park

What is more fun than working at a theme park! If you love having fun and helping people, theme park jobs are the perfect fit for you. You can help visitors have an absolutely amazing day and make sure they leave with a smile on their face. You can choose from a series of roles that you like to work in which includes ride attendants, retail, food & beverage, sales, customer service, cleaning, warehouse, photography and entertainment. You can either work a whole season or just during holidays. It is all up to your availability. Find theme park jobs here


3. Summer Festival Jobs

Summer Festival

From security and stewarding jobs to bar work and selling merchandise, summer job roles are right at your fingertips which you can choose according to your preference. You get free entries to festivals that will include accommodation and food as well. Summer festivals happen between June and September, so why not get paid and enjoy them at the same time.  Apply right now!


4. Charity Fundraising Jobs

Charity voluteers

If you love helping others and doing charity work, this is the perfect summer job for you. If you have the liberty to work most of the summer holidays either full time or part time, you will easily be recruited by fundraising companies before you know it. It will help you enhance your CV and will also be able to earn some decent cash. Get yourself an opportunity right now!


5. Retail Opportunities

Girl carrying boxes

As the summer season begins, people start shopping more, staff tends to go on holidays and recruitment starts increasing. So, this will be the perfect opportunity to earn some good cash over your holidays. You can build experience, acquire new skills and understand how a business is run. Find retail jobs in your area here.