Top 7 summer vacation must-haves

Franka Zlatic | 9 Jun

Summer is here! Whether travelling on your own, or with your family or your loved ones, there is no better season to vacation than the summer. Vacationing in the UK demands some must-haves that you need to pack with you. Besides, after all the terrible things that we have gone through the past year, we can all agree that we need a break. So regardless of where you are planning to go in the UK, packing essential items is one of the most important things for a trip. When it comes to clothes, make sure you pack vibrant summer tops, sun hats, swimwear and light weight summer clothes. Do not forget to pack other toiletries like roll on deodorants, moisturizers, first aid kits, hand sanitizers and face masks. Other than this, there are some must haves that you need to pack. So, we have listed the top 7 summer vacation essentials for your trip this summer!

Books And Glasses



1. Umbrella

Summer Umbrella

If you don’t pack an umbrella when you are going out to explore the UK’s beautiful scenery, then you are completely doing it wrong. It doesn’t matter what the forecast says, the UK can be a little unpredictable with its moods, so make sure you keep an umbrella in your case at all times.


2. Medical prescriptions, Insurance and First Aid kit


Whether you suffer from a minor case of asthma, eczema, sinus or migraine or more severe conditions, make sure you pack your medical prescriptions. Stepping into land that you have never been to can bring about allergies that you have never had, so keeping a first aid kit will help you be prepared for a trip such as this. 


3. Trauma Proof smart case


If you don’t have one, buy one! There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching your phone fall down on the ground accidentally. And you watch the screen shatter, the camera dysfunctions and your heart breaks. It is only natural to go wild on your summer vacation. So say goodbye to monetary loss because of the vacation that you are entitled to take. 

There are a lot of affordable trauma proof smart cases available in the size and color that you want. So, get it as soon as possible.


4. Waterproof Backpack


Yes! Waterproof Backpacks. Make sure you can rely on your backpack for anything and everything. Make sure you have all your vital things like documents, accessories and other things safe in your hands wherever you go. But of course, coming in contact with water during the summer holidays is inevitable. So when you buy a backpack, make sure it’s waterproof so your cell phones, gadgets and other important things don’t get wet.


5. Hammock


You have to pack at least one luxury item for yourself this summer. A hammock is one of the best luxury items for sleeping and relaxing or to take a quick nap without taking too much space. Find a shady tree, wear a sun glass and sun hat over your face, and take that much needed nap. You are always a safe distance from the ground and the stretchable material will help you relax and enjoy.


6. Filter water bottle

Filter Water Bottle

Buying bottles of filtered water, that too in the summer, would definitely come down to a significant amount, especially if you are on a tight budget. It is far more convenient to purchase filtered water bottles before vacationing. It would help you reduce your expenses and ensure availability of good drinkable water. Although the filter needs to be replaced from time to time, each filter can last through an average of 24-gallons of water.

7. Toiletries


Last but not the least, essential toiletries are a definite must have on your packing list. Travel size shampoo bottles, conditioners, sun blocks, hand sanitizers, masks, moisturizers etc. should be packed no matter what. Try not to rely on your hotel for things like these as they sometimes don’t offer toiletries for cheap rooms. So, if you are on your budget, pack light but smart. Also don’t forget your flip flops!