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Those who know us know that we are a committed, close and professional team. And this is reflected in the opinions of OK Student customers.

With a staggering number of 60% of our new customers coming from references, the feedback of our students and families is our main source of pride. They give us the satisfaction of knowing that we have helped them fulfill their dream of studying abroad for a successful career. In this space, you will find opinions, comments and real evaluations about OK Student.

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Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) 97

Net Promoter score (NPS) 10/10

Application suport score 99/100

82% of our students say our advisory support is our biggest service asset

Words our students associate with Ok Student: useful (87%) and trustworthy (80%)

94% of students can manage work and study abroad

80% of students feel safe living abroad

Avatar Valentina Ratko de Oliveira

OK Student gave me the opportunity to live the best part of my life in one of the best countries in the world. Thank you for your help and support. I couldn't be happier with this experience.

University of Liverpool - Business Management BA - Intake Set 2017

Avatar Hanin Mhdawi

I want to appreciate the warm and prompt attention you guys have given me to apply to the University of Essex, thanks a lot!

From Germany

Avatar Pedro Miguel Leonardo Vedor

OK Student opens doors to a world where all dreams are possible, and where mine has become reality.

Anglia Ruskin University (CRIC) - BA (Hons) Politics - Intake Set 2017

Avatar Daniela Filipa Ferreira Martins

After a few closed doors, OK Student was the window I needed to have the determination to get my dream back, across borders, at the University of Liverpool!

University of Liverpool - Egyptology MA - Intake Set 2018

Avatar Beatriz Coutinho Guimarães

Invigorating, new, different and inspiring! These are the words that describe the last year of my life. Today, more than ever I know that I made the right decision to me for my future!

Brunel University London - Aerospace Engineering BEng (Hons) - Intake Set 2018

Avatar Margarida Isabel Varela Vieira

OK Student gave me the push I needed to pursue dreams and achieve goals I didn't even know I had; it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and opened the doors to a world full of new things and opportunities that made me grow and gave me the drive to always want more.

University of Portsmouth - BSc Marine Biology - Intake Set 2017

Avatar Mafalda Rodrigues de Lucena e Vale

OK Student gave me the wings I needed to fly and achieve my dreams. Thanks <3

Northumbria University - Physics BSc Hons - intake Set 2018

Avatar Diogo Fernandes de Miranda Teixeira

OK Student was the flame to give life to my dream.

Diogo Fernandes de Miranda Teixeira

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